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Loquat  Seed  Pits

Generally measure about 1/2-inch long by 3/8-inch in diameter
Some are larger and some are smaller.

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Loquat seed pits contain 1300 times more amygdalin than loquat leaves.
Amygdalin is otherwise known as the anti-cancer vitamin B17 or laetrile.

Some of the benefits of amygdalin and how it works
is mentioned on the following webpage:

I have read that some people eat loquat seed pits (2 per day)
to prevent, self treat, and or slow down cancer.

Many people including Myself have eaten loquat
seed pits and are not aware of any ill effects.

Quantity Price S&H Total
50 $30.00 $12.50 $42.50
100 $50.00 $12.50 $62.50
200 $90.00 $16.50 $106.50
300 $130.00 $18.50 $148.50
400 $165.00 $24.50 $189.50
500 $200.00 $26.50 $226.50
1,000 $380.00 $35.00 $415.00
2,500* $925.00 $45.00 $970.00
5,000* $1750.00 $50.00 $1800.00
10,000* $3000.00 $100.00 $3100.00

* Send email to check for availability.

For destinations outside of usA, ask for quote
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We count out and place loquat seed pits into a pouch and then vacuum seal the pouch.
They are vacuum sealed to maintain the integrity of the seed pit over long periods of time.
However, because the loquat seed pits produce a gas and expand the vacuum sealed bag like a balloon,
we take a needle and poke a tiny hole in the bag to release the gas.

The loquat seed pits can be used for planting or for consumption

A 50-count vacuum-sealed pouch contains between 75 to 90 grams
of raw seed pits in their natural form with the skins still on.

We do not ground the kernels, unless by special request for an additional cost.
If for consumption, they can be ground, chopped, smashed, or eaten.
Most people use a coffee grinder and apply the grinds to drinks, cereals, salads, and or soups.
Be sure to dry out the seed pit and remove the skins before grinding.

The choices are yours.

We can also provide you with apricot seed pits and bitter almonds in shell for about the same prices as the loquat seed pits.

Send an email giving quantity wanted, your location, payment preference (PayPal, check, money order, or Cashier's check), and We will calculate your final costs.

We make no guarantees as to successful germination.
The seed pits have not been cleaned or sanitized.
No chemicals were applied to seed pits

Subject to availability
We reserve the right to refuse any request or order.

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