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also called "pi pa ye"
a traditional Chinese medicine
In Japan, it is called biwa-cha

Photo shows about one ounce
of loquat leaf tea laid in a pile

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Photo shows vacuum sealed package
of a half Kilogram of loquat leaf tea

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For the benefits of Loquat leaf tea, see Our web page titled "Loquat Leaves"

California Grown
an exotic healthy green tea
Choice Leaves Dried and Crushed; Ready for Use
Quantity Price S&H Total
1 oz $13.50 $6.50 $20.00
2 oz $25.00 $7.50 $32.50
5 oz $57.50 $9.50 $66.50
1/2 lb $88.00 $12.50 $100.50
10 oz $105.00 $13.50 $118.50
1 lb $160.00 $14.00 $174.00
2 lb $304.00 $17.50 $321.50
3 lb $432.00 $19.00 $451.00
5 lb* $680.00 $29.00 $709.00
10 lb* $1,280.00 $39.00 $1,319.00
20 lb* $2,400.00 $75.00 $2,475.00

If not in stock, allow three weeks during June, July, and August
and six weeks during all other months.

There are 28.35 grams per ounce. 16 oz per lb.
There are 454 grams per pound and 500 grams per half Kilo.
Add $16.50 for destinatons within Canada.
For requests outside usA and Canada, ask for quote.

Vacuum Sealed Packages
California Grown
Choice Leaves Dried and Crushed; Ready for Use
Quantity Price S&H Total
Half Kilo $180.00 $73.50 $253.50
Full Kilo $350.00 $73.50 $423.50
2 Kilos $650.00 $95.00 $745.00
5 Kilos* $1,550.00 $190.00 $1,740.00
10 Kilos* $3,000.00 $380.00 $3,380.00
20 Kilos* $5,800.00 $760.00 $6,560.00

If not in stock, allow four weeks during June, July, and August
and eight weeks during all other months.

Subject to availability
We reserve the right to refuse any request or order.

There are three basic ways that one can consume the nutrients and benefits of loquat leaves. It is done pretty much the same way one makes regular tea.

1.   If the leaves are whole or large pieces, I put them in a pot of boiling water, bring to boil, boil for about 5 minutes or so, let sit for 5 minutes to half hour or so, stir, remove or strain out the leaves, and pour the liquid tea into a glass to drink out of and or a container for storage. Enjoy!

2.   If the leaves are broken up into small pieces, l put some of the broken up leaves in a small strainer, set it over a glass, and then pour hot water slowly over the leaves. Remove strainer and stir the liquid. The loquat leaf tea is now ready to drink or sip it not too hot. Enjoy!

3.   If the leaves are broken up into small pieces, l put some of the broken up leaves in an infuser, place infuser with leaves into a glass, pour hot or boiling water into glass, and then stir. It is now ready to drink unless too hot. Enjoy!

After the leaves are used, throw the leaves away and get more fresh leaves to make more.

If the resulting tea is too strong add more water.

The amount of servings is dependent upon
how strong the drink is.  
Some prefer strong while others prefer weak.

Three grams may make about two one-cup servings.   The typical daily dosage of loquat leaf is up to 16 grams of dried leaf boiled in water.   Larger amounts, up to 30 grams, can be used if the leaves are fresh; not dried.

Just like any tea, it is based more on what your palate preference is or how strong you like your tea.   Some like tea dark and strong while others like it mild or weak.    If you like it weak and want to get the same effect, just drink more often or in larger quantities.

There are times, especially in winter, I will boil a lot of whole leaves in a large pot and then collect or pour off the tea in another container, store away, and use as needed.   Some times, I may just put some dried crushed leaves in an infuser, place the infuser in a glass, carefully pour in hot water, stir for awhile and then drink.   Other times, I may just set a strainer over a glass, place some dried crushed leaves in the strainer, pour hot water over the crushed leaves and drink the residual tea.   Each time I make the tea, it is at different strengths.   Sometimes, I will re-boil the leaves again and again and continue to get some residual tea from the already used leaves.   Making tea is left to ones own ingenuity and preference.

Most people make this natural beverage by brewing the loquat tea leaves for 3 to 6 minutes in boiling hot water.   Strain out the leaves.   Drink while hot, or chill it by adding ice.

To spice up your tea-like drink, add sugar, honey, and or various amounts of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, etc to satisfy your taste buds.   Or, just add the loquat leaf brew to any favorite tea or drink.

Infusers with or without chains and or handles are also available
whereby one can put the tea leaves into the infuser
and place in cup of hot water.

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