Price Guideline for Larger, older

Loquat Trees

Too Large to send through the Postal mails



Year Description Price Dig Fee
Third Tree may be 3' tall and have first set of branches. $27.00 $8.00
Fourth Tree may be 4' tall, may have second set of branches. $39.00 $11.00
Fifth Tree may be 5' tall, have second set of branches, and maybe a third set of branches. $58.00 $15.00
Sixth Tree may be 6' tall, becoming more rounded (bush-like if in full sun) $97.00 $23.00
Seventh Tree may be 6.5' tall, have more branches, becoming wider, having some blooms, and may produce some fruit. $185.00 $30.00
Eight Tree may be 7' tall, becoming even wider with more blooms and will most likely produce some fruit. $395.00 NDY
Ninth Tree may be 7.5 tall, more blooms, more fruit. $780.00 NDY
bigger tree and produces more fruit. $1,200

NDY = Not Determined Yet


A tree grown in the shade will most likely be taller and less bushy than one grown in direct sunlight.


We can guarantee that Our trees will continue to flourish if left on Our place but cannot make any guarantee that they will survive after being removed from Our place. However, loquat trees are quite hardy and will survive most conditions if transported without roots drying out, transplanted soon after removal, properly watered, and properly cared for.


There are no returns on trees removed from Our place.



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